What are images printed on?

Images are printing on specially coated and durable photo paper. Our materials are rated to last for years and resist fading. Our slipcases will protect your books better than any dust jacket and have so far resisted the California sun.

I would like a picture on my slipcase. What images can I use for my slipcase??

During the order process you can select your options for adding an image(s) to your slipcase. You may upload any image as a jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, or pdf. Cover art, images and/or art must be owned by you or belong to the public domain. Everything About Book maintains creative and artistic license to ensure order quality and copyright compliance.

What is a graphic?

A graphic is a design that is cut from the colored material of your choice and then directly applied to your slipcase. During the order process you have the opportunity to upload a reference image and/or describe your design ideas. Graphics can be small, or as large as will fit on your slipcase.

Can I slipcase a trilogy or series?

Of course! Depending on the measurements of your combined collection, our slipcases range from ¼” to 9” in thickness, 4 to 16” in height, and 12” in width.