Slipcase Design – Neuromancer Suntup edition copy for Hellen Vass



Hello Patrick, hope I find you well 🙂 Question…I would like a slipcase for Neuromancer (Suntup). If you own it it’s much easier. Same exact replica? maybe or a regular slipcase (AE) with the same outside colour/lettering/texture as the original? I hope I helped a bit. Let me know. Best!

3:05 PM


Afraid I don’t own a copy, but if you send me a picture I may be able to help you. Thanks.


Will do that!
4:59 PM


Hello Patrick, here what I gathered from ebay.


Cool. If not cloth, what did you mean by “textured”? Hard to tell from the pictures. I have black and green that are more or less paper vinyl.
Open photo
Simple black or green (as shown) slipcase with title and author on right side or back spine to mimic original, $85 … $100 if both. Copy original with title and author on front spine only … $180 + shipping to Canada.
Will need exact measurements to the 1/6″


Sold, copy original and depending on when you finish it we can arrange shipping. Either Canada or US. I can meadure, put the tape and take screenshots?would that work for you?


Best you just send me the numbers. And a ruler would be better, as tape measures have too much give at 0. US shipping definitely cheaper.


Will do that!
A friend might visit and she has 3 other of my books. In any case its not a problem.


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