Slipcase Design – Corey, James SA, The Expanse: Three 3-Volume Boxes for the Limited Editions.


Three 3-Volume Boxes for the Subterranean Press Limited Editions. (Will add single slipcase for Memory’s Legion, the Expanse Short Stories when it is released.) Each slipcase box includes an image from NASA which are in the public domain. You can go with these or choose others. Please let us know in the notes field and email images to, referencing the Order number.

Each slipcase box would retail for $120. Total price for all three reflects a multi-box discount.

Slipcase Box Color: Black Faux Leather Textured

Right-Side: Inset NASA images (see above).

Designed for the Subterranean Press Limited editions:

  • Slipcase Box 1: (Leviathan Wakes, Caliban’s War, Abaddon’s Gate) 10 1/4″ high, 7 7/16″ wide, and 4 11/16″ thick.
  • Slipcase Box 2: (Cibola Burn, Nemesis Games, Babylon’s Ashes) 10 1/4″ high, 7 7/16″ wide, and 4 9/16″ thick.
  • Slipcase Box 3: (Persepolis Rising, Tiamat’s Wrath, Leviathan Falls) 10 1/4″ high, 7 7/16″ wide, and 4 1/2″ thick.

If your measurements are different, or if you have a different edition, please type the correct measurement in the appropriate fields, and suggest colors if you’d prefer different ones.

(Books not included.)

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