Slipcase Box Design – Eddings, David, The Belgariad (For All 5 Books) (Bantam US))


David EddingsThe Belgariad (For All Five Books).

Designed for Bantam US Editions:

  • 8 7/8″ height
  • 5 5/8″ depth
  • 6 1/8″ thickness (all 5 books)

(If your measurements are different, or you want this design for a different edition, please type which edition and its measurements in the Notes field.)

Slipcase Color: Steel Grey

Right-Side: Black Onyx Textured Pawn.

Back-Side: Black Onyx Textured Series Title and Author.

Left-Side: Black Onyx Textured Sword.

This design may be used for any editions of the books.

(Books not included.)

I have checked the measurements.

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Additional Notes

Please note any special instructions or requests and each books measurements down to the 1/16".

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