Custom Slipcase – Simple Cover Art

The easiest way to order a slipcase with the cover art on the right side (book spine facing you). Simply enter the book’s information, choose a color, and pick the image style. (The right side is industry standard. If you’d rather have it on the left, please say so in the Notes field.)

If you’d like to explore other options, please go to the Custom Slipcase page.

Book Information

To get started, enter the following information about your book.

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  • Author(s) *

  • Publisher *


Enter the following measurements for your book(s).

  • Height *

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  • Thickness *

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Slipcase Color

Choose your Slipcase color. Take a look at the Slipcase Color gallery on the left or by clicking Slipcase Color Gallery

  • Slipcase Color *

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Image Options

Image *


Images are printed on specially coated and durable photo paper and then applied directly to your slipcase.
Inset the image/picture. Extra chipboard is added to the construction to frame your image (see picture). Your image must be a bit smaller out of necessity, but the result is both stylish and helps protect your image from minor scratches that might occur when sliding the slipcase against other books on your shelves.

Notes *

Free form notes regarding size, placement, etc.

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