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Custom Book Slipcase Design for The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. Stone textured cover with gold title and author text and author’s initials graphic.

Unsure of where to start or have questions about the design process? You're in the right place. Scroll down to view an explanation of each step of the process and your many design options. Or, click on one of the links above to skip to a section.

Be sure to take a look at our FAQs if you have any further questions!

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Custom Book Slipcase Design for The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi. Sandstone textured cover with gold, bronze, and onyx title and author text and kaiju graphic.

Custom Book Slipcase Design for The Harvest by Robert Charles Wilson. Black faux leather cover with gold author and title graphic to match the book’s cover.

Book Information

As you begin designing your Slipcase we'll first ask you to provide the Book Title, Author, and Publisher.

This allows us to catalog our work and gives us the information needed to create something truly special for you.


Correct measurements are crucial to slipcase making. Without correct dimensions, your slipcase will not fit correctly, or at all. 

Measure the heightwidth, and thickness as illustrated here.

Remember to include the spine rounding in the book’s width!

Measurements should be taken in inches, down to the 1/16 of an inch.


Slipcase Color

We offer a wide variety of slipcase colors for you to select from. 

Our colors are matched with elegant textures for a high-quality feel and look.

Slipcase covers are also durable and will stand the test of time.



Slipcase Text

From the drop-down menu, select from Title Only, Author Only, Title and Author, or Custom. If Custom, Enter the text in the box provided.

Custom Text Entry: Enter any text you want of this side: title, author or authors, series name, “This Book Belongs to …”, whatever you wish.

Color:  Choose the text color from the drop-down menu.

Text Notes: Enter free form notes regarding size, placement, etc.

For example: “Author on one line five inches wide and an inch tall (never under a 1/2-inch, please), one inch from the top, and title on two lines with the same 5-inch width and inch tall letters and 1/4-inch space between the lines, an inch up from the bottom.”

Tip! If your text is part of a Large Graphic and the same color, save a bit of money and skip this step. (If you do want different colors, proceed with this step.)


Slipcase Graphics

A graphic is a block of color or a design that is cut from the color of your choice. The best way to communicate your design input is to upload a picture of a hand-drawn sketch or a design in a pdf, jpg, png, or similar format. You may also add additional design notes and requests in the Notes field. Using your uploaded image and/or design notes, we will create a graphic design for your selected slipcase side. 

Small graphic: Up to 3 square inches with minimal interior cuts, the silhouette of a dragon, for example. 

Large Graphic: Up to entire side of slipcase. Another block of color, this time larger and perhaps more elaborate. Perhaps that same dragon, writ large with eyes and the title of the book removed so the color of the slipcase shines through. Or just a square with the author’s name shining through. 

Don’t know what to do here? We can design it for you! “I like what you did for Kevin J. Anderson’s DRAGON AWAKENS TRILOGY. Please do something similar for me.” or the like. 

From the drop-down menu,  select Small Graphic or Large Graphic.

Color: Choose the color of the graphic from the drop-down menu.

Graphic Description: Describe your graphic. "A five-inch dragon in flight, centered," for example. Feel free to email a sketch, picture, or reference materials to us at and please include the Order number in the Subject line. Everything About Book maintains creative and artistic license to ensure order quality and copyright compliance.


Slipcase Images

This can be any picture you want: cover art, a picture of Mom reading the book to you, the author signing it, your concept art … sky’s the limit. That said, aside from cover art, images and/or art must be owned by you or belong to the public domain.

The better the resolution, the larger the picture can be on the box. That 25-year-old picture of Mom reading to you will probably need to be small. Your heirloom shouldn’t be pixilated.

From the drop-down menu, Select Image/Picture or Inset Image/Picture.

Image/Picture: Place image/picture directly to the surface of the chosen side.

Inset Image/Picture: Inset the image/picture. Extra chipboard is added to the construction to frame your image (see picture). Your image must be a bit smaller out of necessity, but the result is both stylish and helps protect your image from minor scratches that might occur when sliding the slipcase against other books on your shelves. 

Once you've selected the image type you are reminded that you must email your image to us at Please include the Order number in the Subject line. 

Images must be yours or belong to the public domain. Everything About Book maintains creative and artistic license to ensure order quality and copyright compliance.

Image Notes: Enter free form notes regarding size, placement, etc.

Custom Book Slipcase Design for Trees of Life by Max Adams. Stone textured cover with the book’s cover art and an aqua blue ribbon.Image

Ribbons and Lining

Ribbons not only add aesthetic appeal, but are functional in allowing you to safely and easily remove your book from the slipcase.

From the Ribbon drop-down menu, select the ribbon color.

Interior felt lining reduces friction between your book and the slipcase, preventing any possible damage when the book is removed and replaced.

From the Lining drop-down menu, select the lining color.