Slipcase Boxes

Book slipcase boxes protect valuable collections and personalize treasured works.

Whether you are a collector, a publisher, or looking for the perfect unique and personalized gift, our slipcases enhance book display value and preserve the integrity of collections for the next generation.

Customize your material, design, and size, or order a pre-made slipcase.

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Slipcase boxes protect fragile, rare items or personalize those of special value. Custom slipcases can be designed and built in larger, commercial quantities or in smaller quantities for personal use.

EAB offers several design and customization options to choose from. You select a design printed in your favorite stock, in any size, colors, and shape you prefer.

Alternatively, a custom designed slipcase can be easily ordered from several selections EAB has already created.

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Ready-to-Order Designs

We've done the work for you.

All slipcases are built-to-order for the measurements you provide.

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Custom Slipcases

Select your options and we'll build to your specifications.

 Our slipcases are built to last and we guarantee you'll love them.

Choose from a variety of colors; add text, graphics, and images and more!

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Collectible Books 

We're delighted to offer collectible editions for sale that you'll want to add to your library.

Many of our collectibles are already slipcased for you.

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Patrick made several slipcases for my books, including The Passage Trilogy, Red Rising Trilogy, Broken Earth Trilogy, and the Cemetery of Forgotten books. The cases are super durable, very creatively designed, were made very fast, and promptly shipped.
Alex P, FL

Precision hand-craftsmanship is how I would describe the slipcases made by Patrick. The boards are heavy and the construction precise. His high-grade covers are custom designed and meticulous in detail. Patrick's cases protect, add value, and visual appeal to your fine collectible books. Exquisite!

John S, MI

Patrick is great to work with in regards to custom slipcases. He has done several for me including the Sword of Shannara Trilogy. The quality and workmanship are excellent, communication is great, and he creates and ships the slipcases very quickly. Highly recommended!
Paul L, FL

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